New Trainee Guide

Welcome to ICM Training in Mersey (HENW)!

FICM Registration

First, register yourself with FICM here.

The FICM website is a vital source of training related information.

It is highly recommended to glance through the sections at least once to know where information are for future reference.

The key sections include:

  • Training in ICM
  • Curriculum and assessment – especially Part II which outlines the required documents at each stages of training
  • News and Events
  • Bi-annual Training Updates – Critical Eye / Trainee Eye

Regional Deanery Website

Next, please head to Mersey Deanery ICM website to familiarize yourself with the STEC members. You will come into contact with these members during your rotations and ARCP.

Regional Teaching 

Link here.

Trainee Resources

You will be given a dropbox link by the STEC rep which contains locally shared resources, this folder contains potential sensitive information such as trainees contact so please do not share the link with non-ICM trainees.

For social communication, we have a facebook group. Any existing member can approve new members to join.

ICS (National)

Intensive Care Society is the most relevant organisation to our training featuring a multi-disciplinary organisation with abundance of information related to teaching, exam, audit, research etc.

Members will get discounted rate for annual conference and events, subscription to Journal of Intensive Care Society, personal accident insurance cover (during patient transfer).

AMICU (Local)

Association of Mersey Intensive Care Units is a regional educational forum for trainees and consultants. It hosts 4 meetings per year discussing ICU related topics and there is an annual Trainee’s Prize Meeting in December. Membership is free for trainees.